Summer Series: 2022

Register for one of our upcoming Computer Classes! The Bon Aqua Computer Club is proud to present its first annual SUMMER SERIES. Every summer, we plan to host fun & approachable classes that teach you how to achieve your subversive dreams on the computer! The Dark Net: Safety First Our first course will be all about how to safely and successfully navigate the many treasures to be found on THE DARKNET.

Hyperdrives For Liberty

We are going to be hosting hyperdrive archives of some media that we believe to be essential to spreading the ideas we support. Learn how to help seed & obtain this material over at the Hypercore Protocol webpage. Tom Woods Show hyper://222bfc61315f28e167b713e7252b445a99c558c328d6e31f5ce5ffd3df31627c $ hyp seed hyper://222bfc61315f28e167b713e7252b445a99c558c328d6e31f5ce5ffd3df31627c Ron Paul Liberty Report hyper://354dc85376d12e1ca2f80c77ea76f2bc238ca70fc2e621935b3ff9664e094cfd $ hyp seed hyper://354dc85376d12e1ca2f80c77ea76f2bc238ca70fc2e621935b3ff9664e094cfd

Everything Is Fake

Cheap DIY Performance Stage

Music should be for all! If you agree, and have the space available to host your own performances during this unprecedented global assault upon the working class, chances are you’ll need a stage to elevate your booked acts above the audience. This is the most cost-effective DIY stage I know of. Use Merchandising Display Stands Retail stores are not exactly getting the same foot traffic to which they were once accustomed.

[Slides] Bill Gates: Definitely Up To Something