The Bon Aqua Computer Club is an opportunity to meet and collaborate on fun technical projects that expand our minds and enhance our self-reliance. It is also a fully-fledged performance space with outdoor event, film production, live streaming, and concert capabiltiies!


Reach out to Andrew Grathwohl for more details on any of the below offerings.


Event Spaces

Host your celebration, event, or gathering at the Bon Aqua Computer Club!

DIY Performance Venue

Featuring a state of the art live audio reproduction system, a DMX lighting rig, a cinema-quality projection setup, and a time-synchronized control room!

Outdoor Events

Surrounded by 8 acres of serene, peaceful fields with no road noise, neighbors, or competing events in sight!


Our space is equipped to support full-crew video production projects!

FreeBSD Server

Our dual-Xeon FreeBSD-13.0 server featuring a 1Gbps dedicated broadband line!


We offer pro-bono media and music production services!

Multi-Track Recording

Our recording facilities combine state-of-the-art professional audio software with old-school audio engineering tricks of the trade!

Audio Mastering & Restoration

If you have recently faced any forms of “public cancellation” via corporate media outlets, we would like to help you continue the musical career you’ve worked so hard to achieve. The Bon Aqua Computer Club humbly offers free mastering services to any artists who have been dragged through the mud over the views they hold, whether they be political, religious, ethical, etc.


Bon Aqua Computer Club is owned & operated by Andrew Grathwohl.

My goal with the Bon Aqua Computer Club is to build an abundant local community centered around the ideas of free software, self-reliant computing, and other endeavors that empower individuals to escape the wrath of Big Tech, the cloud, and the surveillance state.

I moved to Bon Aqua from New York, NY, where I spent most of my childhood and adult years until the COVID-19 lockdowns began taking place. It became clear to me that this was not a disaster that we were going to protest like we did the Iraq War, like the Stonewall Riots, and like the Union Square direct action in the early 20th century.

After many years of believing in the things that make Tennessee great - a respect for others’ natural rights, an inherently limited centralized state authority that works in service of people‚Äôs liberties, etc., - I finally decided to seek it out, and I am so happy I did.