Cheap DIY Performance Stage

Music should be for all! If you agree, and have the space available to host your own performances during this unprecedented global assault upon the working class, chances are you’ll need a stage to elevate your booked acts above the audience. This is the most cost-effective DIY stage I know of.

Use Merchandising Display Stands

Retail stores are not exactly getting the same foot traffic to which they were once accustomed. For this reason, the suppliers of products purchased by retailers and merchandisers are going way down in price.

One of the most common merchandiser utilities is the display stand, like the one pictured above. On Amazon, one manufacturer of such things offers a particularly good deal ($86.95 at time of posting) for their 2x4 ft stands, which easily hold up to 2,000lbs of weight each.

I went ahead and purchased four of these - which Amazon shipped via prime! - and put them together to construct a stage for a concert I held last summer. Holding a total of 8,000lbs, spread across 128 sq ft of elevated stage, I cannot think of any other way to get this done for under $400!

For a look at how the stages performed for our event, give Robbie TheFire Bernstein’s live stream video of the night a view!